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Zohoor. Rebrand

Finding a success-scented future

Posted by Hamza Hajji

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak
Francis Kurkdjian

Introducing Zohoor

Zohoor is a Saudi perfume brand that brings together the best of French and Arabian fragrances. Founded in 1991 by two brothers from Al Khobar, KSA, the company grew to over +250 stores across the GCC region. Besides a wide range of off-the-shelf products, they also allow their customers to create their own custom fragrances – making Zohoor the one and only “Home of Mixology” in the Middle East.

Challenges we faced 

When Zohoor approached us, they were facing several challenges:

  • It was a brand with little or no definition
  • Its purpose was not communicated well internally or externally
  • Their identity didn’t exude luxury, refinement or desirability
  • They were perceived as a flashy, teenager-y, always-on-sale brand



We helped build ‘a new Zohoor’ by:

  • Running client workshops to discover the brand’s true purpose
  • Creating a brand vision they could believe in (to inspire and empower self-expression)
  • Creating a brand value system (Creative, Authentic, Masterful and Passionate) helping the team build a culture that could support this vision build a culture
  • Defined their brand personality and archetype (the Creator)
  • Redefining their brand promise (to inspire your self-expression & delight your senses)




Results of the rebrand

The brand was rolled out in a number of flagship stores in Saudi Arabia, as well as online, including in Zohoor’s website and social media profiles, bringing to life a newer, stronger, more modern brand. We were also pleased to learn that:

  • The rebrand had an immediate impact across the company, from the founders, to management and store staff.
  • Overall feel has projected the brand into the contemporary perfumery space.
  • The new brand served as a strong foundation for a digital re-launch campaign and brand video aligned with Saudi National Day.

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Services delivered:

Brand Auditing, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Slogan, Tone of Voice, Graphic Design, Launch Campaign and Brand-Migration Comms.

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