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Zohoor. Digital

Revamping the brand's online footprint

Posted by Hamza Hajji

Perfumery is a symphony, it has a beginning, middle and an end.
Lili Bermuda

Introducing Zohoor’s digital campaign

Following a successful rebrand (read all about it here), Zohoor tasked Unisono with bringing the new brand to life with this perfume brand digital campaign.

Zohoor is a Saudi perfume brand that brings together the best of French and Arabian fragrances. Founded in 1991 by two brothers from Al Khobar, KSA, the company grew to over +250 stores across the GCC region. Besides a wide range of off-the-shelf products, they also allow their customers to create their own custom fragrances – making Zohoor the one and only “Home of Mixology” in the Middle East.


Challenges we faced 

From day one, we were faced with the inherently difficult task of conveying the main benefits of a perfume brand in a medium that doesn’t allow the user to physically experience it. But besides that limitation – a reality for all perfume brands – we faced other (more specific) challenges while crafting this perfume brand digital campaign.

The website needed a complete re-skin to match the new visual identity – and that meant updating not only the colour palette, fonts and tone of voice of the web copy, but also re-shooting every single product image with brand-new packaging.

Another question we had to answer was how to communicate the new brand and positioning without alienating current and loyal customers.

Finally, we were also challenged to improve staff engagement with internal comms to ensure the new brand was introduced and assimilated by all team members across +250 stores.




We divided this perfume brand digital campaign into different stages to ensure maximum impact leading up to the moment we finally revealed the new brand logo.

We started by re-skinning Zohoor’s existing website and making a staggered transition to the new visual guidelines. To achieve this, we had to re-shoot every single Zohoor product in our in-house studio to display the newly designed labels in all their glory.

We also created web banners and new social media assets to ensure consistency and full integration across all touchpoints.

Finally, we crafted a series of internal emailers and Whatsapp assets to be shared with all employees, from management to store staff, informing them and engaging them in the brand transformation, encouraging them to become brand advocates for Zohoor.


Results of the perfume brand digital campaign

The perfume brand digital campaign was a massive success, including great reviews by both new and loyal customers, in Zohoor stores and on social media, showing the brand is moving in the right direction.

This digital campaign also served as the perfect umbrella for an emotive brand film aligned with Saudi National Day. You can watch that by clicking here.

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