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Zawia. Branding

Helping an iconic tower to become distinctly more appealing.

Posted by Liam Farrell

I really like it, it is a beautiful piece of work, thank you
Natasha Bidsted. Marketing Manager.


Zawia Towers came to Unisono to work on their project and brand identity as they were suffering from an illegible design which their management team felt uncomfortable releasing to the market. The two towers featured a very masculine frontage which in marketing materials, appeared very macho and boyish. This was off putting to women who are key influencers in property decision making.


Unisono recut the logo to be more easily read, created a new positioning line A Lifestyle Oasis and applied the work to key collaterals including this marketing brochure as well as site hoarding and other printed collateral. We provided a photoshoot on location at the towers with local models as well as creating a series of beautifully illustrated images, which helped enforce the brand’s positioning.


Zawia Towers are Amwaj’s (a district in Bahrain) most iconic developments which has enjoyed a high level of occupancy since it’s delivery to market. The marketing materials and position of the brand has helped to create the right impression for the project while the recut logo has been used on both towers signage and even for a third building in the area.

Services delivered include:

Identity, Copywriting, Illustration and Print Design.

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