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Shamsaha. ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign

Helping women in crisis, amplifying their potential.

Posted by Hamza Hajji

Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.
Margaret Sanger.

Shamsaha’s women’s empowerment campaign, a quick overview

Shamsaha, formerly known as Women’s Crisis Care International (WCCI), was the first and only violence crisis response center in the Middle East. This non-profit now also provides training services for the development of crisis response programs, as well as community education and empowerment programs. Following the successful rebrand (read all about it here), we were tasked with developing a women’s empowerment campaign that marked the brand’s renewed energy and mission as well as helping deliver Shamsaha’s story to the world. 

Challenges we overcame while working on this women’s empowerment campaign

Shamsaha has a decisive, confident and no-nonsense character and we worked to ensure this campaign reflected this.

One of the main challenges was how to produce a world-class women’s empowerment campaign with little to no budget. Being a small non-profit organisation with big ambitions and even bigger mission, it took every ounce of goodwill, teamwork and creative problem-solving to execute a campaign we could all be proud of. 

The strategy for our women’s empowerment campaign

We started by identifying key stats, facts and figures related to women’s abuse and discrimination from around the world that demonstrate just how important Shamsaha’s mission is. We also collected more personal, individual accounts of what women (including colleagues, friends and family) witness and feel that are definitely ‘Not OK’. 


We mapped out key messages and organised a content plan around the thematic hashtag #ItsNotOK, where the brand, corporate partners and general public could participate in the conversation online, spread the word and highlight Shamsaha’s role as part of the solution.

To execute the campaign, we ‘recruited’ Shamsaha’s staff, volunteers and advocates as on-camera talent, and found like-minded production partners who understood the importance of Shamsaha’s work. We scripted and produced a PSA video in five languages that calls out some practices, beliefs and stats as undoubtedly “Not OK”.

Results of Shamsaha’s women’s empowerment campaign

The campaign received glowing feedback from the client and their team and even enjoyed a strong degree of engagement via social media. Shamsaha’s partners and sponsors got involved too and joined the #ItsNotOk movement, sharing their own views and calls to action on what needs to change in the name of women’s rights and equality.

We are inspired to see Shamsaha grow in its quest to make the world a better and safer place, and we’re honoured to be part of their journey towards success.

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