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What does ‘Unisono’ mean?

A great name has a good story behind it, creates intrigue, and sets the brand apart from it's competitors.

Posted by Liam Farrell

While it might sound Japanese and make you want to chop the air like a Ninja. The roots of  the word ‘Unisono’ are Latin and it simply means ‘one sound’.

A great name has a great story

So what is the story behind Unisono’s name? Well back in the noughties, we started the agency and wanted a name which we could invest all our energies in. The name had to reflect who we were and what we did. It also had to be unique. We searched around for a name which was quasi-scientific but which also had an artistic interpretation or association too, as the work we do is part science and part art. Unisono means ‘one sound’. This is the result of the work we do with our clients. We help them to create a single harmonious brand that resonates through out their organisations.

A great brand is like an orchestra’s conductor. When you have 50 or so virtuosos playing together, regardless of their individual talents, they will create a cacophony – a noisy mess. The same mess will happen in any company. No matter how talented your team is with out focus, direction and a frame of reference, they will not come together as one harmonious team. Sure, you can keep a team of three playing in harmony, but as you grow, so you need a conductor to keep you all playing together in a sweet harmony.

A great name creates intrigue

People don’t know what Unisono means and this is by design. If we chose a name they could instantly understand they could also instantly forget us. Unisono is a name that has to be learned and people seem keen to learn what it means – hence why you are reading this. This intrigue makes you learn and in the process of learning your brain is actually creating synaptic connections – you are literally growing your understanding of Unisono in your brain. When you have to learn something you have to grow the connections and when you have made the effort to grow them the act of recall becomes easier and the memory of Unisono stronger.

A great name separates you from your competition

There are a lot of competing companies our there and they all have their own unique story and way of doing things. Your brand needs to be different and to compete in it’s own ‘blue ocean’ or else it could die surprisingly quickly. Your name should associate you with the sector but differentiate you from it. For example, if Spotify didn’t want to succeed they could easily have called them selves xTunes and tried to compete head on with iTunes.

A great name doesn’t promote the category

We are often amazed at how many branding agencies promote their ability to do brand strategy and naming and yet use the category in their name. Brand Union, FutureBrand, InterBrand blah blah bland. Imagine this in another category such as sports brands; Nike Sports, Adidas Sports, Puma Sports – they sound awful and wouldn’t cut it as international brand names so why do so many branding agencies make such a branding faux pas?We like to put our money were our mouths are and build our brand the way we suggest our client’s build there’s – strategically.

Our name is based on a strategic intent. Sure you might not know what we do instantly but that is ok, you are here, you are reading and you will go away thinking – and that is because you are believing in what we are doing and feel confident in what we are saying.

The ultimate result of a brand’s success is category domination or ‘nounification’. Brand’s like hoover have transcended the category to become the collective noun for vacuum cleaners. Few other brands have achieved this status and it is unclear what benefit this brings as ultimately your name ends up as an unownable noun which promotes a generic product rather than your specific offering.

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Unisono is a name that creates interest in our company. It is unusual, so people have to learn it's meaning, which ultimately helps create greater recall.

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