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Batelco. ‘I Love’

Bringing life to the month of love

Posted by Liam Farrell

One love, one heart. Lets get together and feel alright
Robert Nestar Marley

February is celebrated in most places as the month of love and with no other connotation. In Bahrain, unfortunately, February has another interpretation as it marks the political and sectarian issues the country has faced recently. A valentine’s campaign was needed to spread the love.

What we wanted to do was celebrate the month as part of an attempt to help heal this peace loving and gentle island nation. With our goal set in mind, we considered promoting the thought of love in all it’s guises. It doesn’t matter what or who you love but that you love at all.


The promotion created an impassioned response from Bahrain’s population who created content based on what they loved. From the physical to the spiritual, all manner of adoration poured out onto the social networks across the nation.

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