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We all <3 Technology right?

Posted by Liam Farrell

Code isn't the 'then_begin' or the 'end-if'.

Branding the University of Technology Bahrain, an introduction 

Originally named AMA International University, this Bahraini University has been successfully operating in the kingdom since 2002, providing a range of courses to students both local and international.

The brand was acquired by GFH’s Britus subsidiary (also branded by Unisono) and rebranding AMA into the University of Technology Bahrain began.

AMA International University changed it’s name to University of Technology Bahrain or UTB for short and appointed Unisono as lead partners in developing an international quality identity that would excite new students and build confidence in the establishment. The agency was appointed based on its award winning  strategic and creative works. Britus knew working with Unisono would help them to fully re-position the university as a leading voice in the kingdom’s burgeoning technology sector.

Our creative response

Currently, there are no strong brands in the technology space in Bahrain so we felt we had carte blanche to creative something that eschewed technological themes. University of Technology Bahrain’s new creative voice features a technical and scientific color palette based on ‘green screen’ blue. We coupled this with a playful approach to typography echoing the aesthetics of computer code. With its squarish terminals and edgy technical qualities, the typeface FK Grotesk by Florian Karsten was the perfect tools to carry the ‘playfully technical’ messaging.


Through this rebrand, we managed to reposition AMA International University as a new technical educational establishment with soon-to-be established international credentials – a powerful new establishment in Bahrain’s educational arena. 

We have received nothing but <3 for the University of Technology Bahrain’s rebranded identity. The technically-fun aesthetics used in the brochure and marketing collateral has been warmly appreciated both Britus and UTB’s team. The technically competent perception of UTB has already been felt by the Universities new intake. We are about to begin works on the new website so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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