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Unisono wins GFH strategic branding brief

Posted by Liam Farrell

GFH’s has undertaken a real strategic shift recently. The new brand strategy is moving perception of the firm from a real estate investor or developer to a global financial group. The company appointed Unisono to assist in realising this perception shift by creating a new brand vehicle.

The appointment is one of many recent projects the agency has worked on since the award winning strategic rebrand conducted in 2014. This new strategic brand  will help the firm to build on its perception as a leading financial group whilst building another key brand asset for its investors. The new firm is expected to have a new name, it’s own unique trade dress and brand language.

The agency was appointed to the project on the strength of its previous work with GFH and one of it’s key group holdings, industrial building supplies manufacturer, Falcon Cement. Speaking on the appointment, Unisono’s Executive Creative Director commented “This appointment is a great win for the agency. We are delighted with the strength of the relationship, the positive response from shareholders and the general public to the work and multitude of awards it has produced for both firms. We look to the future with a great deal of positivity”.

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Top secret brand vehicle set to launch soon.

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