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Adara. Digital

Adara's beauty vision comes to life online.

Posted by Hajer Ghareeb

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A training center web design background

Adara is the first beauty training center in Bahrain to offer international certifications in beauty & wellness. Discover the story behind the training center and find out more about how we brought this brand to life. Adara’s vision is to turn passions into successful careers. With their expertise and support, their students will able to achieve their ambition and create a professional future that can truly fulfill them. Adara truly deserved a powerful training center web design to show off their brilliance locally and regionally.

Adara’s educational institution

Education is a growing area but not all careers are treated with the same level of respect. Many are passionate about cosmetology and beauty but don’t feel they are able to transform this passion into a career because of not receiving the support they need or feeling like they won’t be taken seriously. Additionally, businesses tend to hire internationally to get the expertise they need at a lower cost. Adara helps solve these problems by cultivating local professionals at an international standard, empowering local talent and businesses to excel and succeed.

The beauty training center web design challenges we faced

Adara helps people transform their beauty passion into a career. With such a great USP, the brand needed a modern and compelling training center web design and digital presence that would drive the TA to enroll and pursue their dreams with Adara. We needed to create a professional digital look & feel and messaging ensuring TA fully understands the unique level of the international diplomas offered. Adara isn’t only a training center, it’s also a place where theory and practicality meet and we had to achieve that balance digitally.

The many features and benefits of the center’s different programs needed to be clearly communicated and promoted, not to mention the importance of highlighting the career opportunities graduates are eligible to in the future.

Our strategic approach

After our strategic work on Adara brand identity making it a new standard of beauty in Bahrain, we knew how to migrate that same professionalism and credibility to the brand’s digital face. We aimed to build a clean and functional website that serves as brand home where students could find all the info they need such as programs details, announcements, dates and whatnot. On the other hand, our design comes with a smooth, user friendly content management system which allows the management to update all content with few simple steps.


The finished web design featured industry related imagery carrying a clinical yet refreshing look and feel to perfectly express the beauty and wellness industry. The site is clean, slick and responsive with finesse in every single detail. As the brand empowers students to attain their future goals, Adara’s web design will make this vision comes reality.

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