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StreetLight Media. Rebrand

Brightly illuminating our world with stunningly authentic images, this rebrand captures an inimitable essence.

Posted by Mohammed Zubair.

If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough
Robert Capa.


The photography industry is notoriously competitive – from larger studios with multiple photographers, to individuals operating at every rate and level of quality and Bahrain is no different. Streetlight is a photographic services agency specialising in dynamic ‘field photography’.

In a market saturated with photographers of many different pedigrees and specialist areas, Phil Weymouth was a photographer with a difference. With a professional career that spanned a number of decades and global names including Lonely Planet and Reuters, Phil had something special to offer the market but lacked a compelling way to express this. Our challenge was to ‘professionalise’ Phil, without losing the core qualities that make Phil, ‘Phil’.


Streetlight’s signature is authenticity – achieved through an uncompromising commitment to technical excellence and working with passion. Phil’s rugged, slightly ‘rough and tough’ quality, was the anchor for our strategy. In a world that often seems to value artifice over truth, Phil’s uncompromisingly honest approach needed to be expressed at every level to support authentic engagement with the right kind of customers, while also conveying the passion and commitment that sets apart his product. We wanted the stamp of authenticity to be evident in the brand, while reflecting Phil’s promise to ‘capture the truth’ of the moment.



The rebrand of Streetlight Media to Streetlight allowed Phil to communicate at a different and more authentic level – he is able to look and sound professional, while still sounding like himself. Phil’s rugged, direct quality is faithfully expressed through the tool kit, referencing both the tools of the trade and Phil’s approach. Since completing the rebrand Phil has secured a number of key projects including being appointed the official photographer for the international airshow (Farnborough and Bahrain) as well as numerous projects with the Navy, Government, and private sector.

Services delivered:

Brand strategy and identity design, naming consultancy, collateral, digital and print.

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