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Unisono wins CSR initiative for the world’s biggest petrochemical firms

Posted by Fritz Lachica

Unisono is partnering with one of the world’s largest petrochemical firms on a strategic CSR marketing campaign. The company has been thriving for nearly 125 years, delivering innovation and global solutions from their offices across the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

The agency was connected to the client’s Saudi office towards the end of 2017, which eventually led to this exciting new project. A few months after the first meetings, Unisono was officially appointed to create and develop a strategic awareness initiative.

Both the agency and client’s teams worked hard in putting together all the necessary elements to make the launch of the first awareness campaign event a success. The event took place in Saudi Arabia on the 31stof May 2018. It was attended by representatives from the global office, the teams behind the initiative, as well as pupils from different schools participating in various activities.

As pupils were the target audience of the initiative, the agency was tasked by the client to develop learning materials to be distributed and used to spread information. We were also tasked to invite coaches that would conduct talks and facilitate information dissemination.

The project will end in November with the main campaign event that will involve training and awarding ceremonies. The occasion will again take place in Saudi Arabia and will be attended by pupils and families alike. The agency is currently in the process of managing the production of the learning materials to be used at the event.

Unisono’s CEO and Co-Founder Amy Morgan previously commented, “We are proud to be a part of this strategic CSR marketing campaign. Witnessing the success of the first event is very fulfilling and we can’t wait to see the Saudi population participate in the main event soon.”

We are excited to be witnessing another successful initiative for our client and are looking forward to developing more exciting strategic campaigns in the future.

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Strategic CSR Marketing Campaign

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