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TRA. Roaming Campaign

Helping Bahrain's travelers become roaming-ready

Posted by Jorge Oliveira

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Background summary to TRA and why they needed a Roaming Advertising Campaign

One of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) main responsibilities is to keep consumers safe and informed. Faced with an increasing number of cases of disgruntled people racking up thousands of dinars worth of telephone bills when traveling abroad, the TRA asked Unisono to develop a roaming advertising campaign to educate the public and help them avoid bill shock when returning home from their travels.

Challenges faced while creating the Roaming Advertising Campaign

In an era of increased dependence on our smartphones, access to mobile data, social networks, business contacts and the ability to get in touch with our friends and family have become as essential as our passports, every time we travel. What some consumers aren’t aware of is that different charges apply to your local contract or pre-paid plan every time you call, text, email or double-tap a friend’s new outfit on Instagram. These charges can add up pretty quickly and leave customers with considerable bills to pay when they return from their holidays or business trips.

Our strategic approach and creative solution

Faced with an engaging and challenging brief, Unisono developed a clear strategy and direction for the roaming advertising campaign. Captivating illustrative imagery, compelling and straightforward copywriting and clear calls-to-action were the key components of this 360-degree campaign. The fun, laid-back 3D-modelled characters were brought to life through press and outdoor advertising, airport posters and trolleys, a website take-over, and other deliverables.

The results of our Roaming Advertising Campaign

The final result is a cut-through, stylish campaign that grabs the attention, educates and supports its target audienceOur strategic thinking and distinct creative work have surpassed our client’s expectations and we couldn’t be prouder of the final result.

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Services delivered:

Campaign strategy, planning and multimedia advertising deliverables.

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