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Gulf Researcher. Rebrand

Research that 'digs deeper’ to 'know wider'.

Posted by Hajer Ghareeb

Research: the distance between an idea and its realization.
David Sarnoff.

An introduction to Gulf Researcher

Gulf Researcher is a research company brand providing high-quality research regionally and internationally. With years of experience in different fields and through its on-demand research service, the company offers unique and unrivalled research capabilities, enabling objective and fact-based decision-making process within organisations. Gulf Researcher’s rebrand needed to reflect the company’s unrivalled ability to deliver accurate and actionable information to clients and does so with precision and diligence.


Our challenge was to:

  • Provide the brand with a strategy on which it could grow and inspire its team
  • Define a differentiated USP and proposition to differentiate the brand and support the expansion into other sectors
  • Revisualise the identity, creating an appropriate look and feel to represent the firm as an international organisation with world-class standards
  • Define a new slogan and messaging platform to help people understand the brand’s focus

Designing a clear research company brand strategy

To solve Gulf Researcher’s rebrand issue, we:

  • Conducted stakeholder workshops, gaining strategic insights, understanding and internal alignment
  • Created desired perception as ‘the trusted global research partner’
  • Helped discover brand’s purpose which is ‘To contribute to a greater cause.’
  • Drafted a clear and strategic vision which is ‘To empower informed decisions.’
  • Developed the brand’s core values: ‘Accountability’, ‘Candour’, ‘Precision’ and ‘Diligence’
  • Created a brand promise which is ‘to give you what matters’
  • Crafted a brand personality and archetype as ‘the Detective’
  • Developed a positioning statement which is ‘the information hub’
  • Created a new identity – a logo combining initialism with mathematical symbols, a new type family (Adelle Sans, Latin and Arabic), new ‘precision blue’ colouration, new digital rain graphic (depicting the concept of ‘making sense from the noise’) and a new slogan ‘Precise Results’.

Results of Gulf Research’s rebrand

  • Brand is currently being rolled out to its core markets of KSA and Bahrain
  • Positive customer reception
  • New brand is helping leadership and the team fully appreciate the power of the firm they are building
  • Brand belief has gone ‘through the roof’ and this positive internal endorsement has landed a lot of new business inquiries (especially in KSA).

The work has been entered for numerous awards and we await with bated breath for the results!

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