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Raees + Co. Interior Graphics

Going above & beyond... + now inside!

Posted by Hamza Hajji

We cannot believe these are the same offices... every weekend, every night, the team would come in and find something new, something improved.. they are all very excited. Excellent work, very creative. We love them.
Nezar Al Raees

Introducing our legal firm interiors project for Raees + Co 

If you haven’t read our post on the branding work, you can go here and read the full text. For now, we’ll summarize that project as it was the precursor to this interior graphics project. Originaly named Nezar Raees Associates, this Bahraini law firm has been successfully operating since 2008, providing advisory, documentation and representation services for local and international clients alike.

Raees + Co changed name and brand identity as the end result of a considered strategic process initialed but the founding partner and owner, Nezar Al Raees.

Challenges we faced in the legal firm interiors project

We had a big challenge ahead. Not only were the offices in use for long hours, the could only redress certain aspects of the current installation. There was a lot of really nasty looking wood and frosting that needed to be removed plus the team wanted an additional meeting space in an already efficiently used floor plan.

Our strategic response

In the early stages of the work for the legal firm interiors, we decided early on that any graphics we applied would only look like a sticking plaster on a very large would if we didn’t treat the office’s wood in a more neutral tone. These were restrained to a black which would sit very nicely against the bright green and neutral grey tones of the graphic schemes.

Next, we utilized the existing reception counter from the legal firm interiors and redressed this in the new brand livery. We recut the meeting room table and furnished a new platter so it would blend in better with the over all scheme.

We also set a treatment for the wall take-overs in the reception and meeting rooms as well as the redesigned office furnishings the team created. These would all now tie together in a dark ‘wenge’ finish. The angle in the wooden slat work mirrored the font’s serifs – tying things together, especially when type and logo’s were applied to key walls.

We used the logo and monogram sparingly and applied a chrome monogram onto the founding partner and CEO’s door as a visual marker of his authority within the firm.

Finally, big gold graphics expressed the brand’s positioning in the legal firm interiors and conveyed the vision for the team to unite around.


Through this legal firm interiors project, we managed to reposition Raees + Co as one of the leading local firms with international credentials – a powerhouse of expertise and the legal partner of choice. Not just to visitors, but to the team responsible for delivering on the promise. 

Their newly-decorated office is the talk of the town (and rightly so!), contributing to higher engagement and motivation by all staff and team members, who now have a crystal-clear picture of ‘who’ their company is, what it stands for and its ambitions.  

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