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Batelco. SimSim 4G

With 4G, Batelco's sub-brand became the biggest thing in prepaid.

Posted by Liam Farrell

It's not just big, or bigger than big, it's amazingly big.


Prepaid 4G was the biggest improvement to Batelco’s prepaid line since, well since prepaid began and illustrating that was the challenge laid down to our creative team and what an amazingly big challenge it was too.


The creative response was to imagine SimSim not as some small, innocent little service but as the most awesome addition any prepaid subscriber could have in their lives. Almost terrifyingly big and certainly the most enormous upgrade users will ever get their hands on.


The result was a series of gargantuan master images which took the brand roundel and re-imagined it as one beast of an upgrade. The roundels took on monster status, bringing havoc to all those left in it’s wake. Crushing competition and naysayers alike. All hail, the mighty SimSim 4G.

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