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Onyx Skyview. Branding

Raise your expectations to the sky

Posted by Liam Farrell

This is excellent work. Beautiful. We are also happy we chose Unisono to work on this.
Mohammed Alkoheji. CEO. Kooheji Development.

Onyx Skyview is the second iconic Kooheji Development project to grace the skies of Bahrain Bay and one that is likely to gain a lot of attention, thanks to its purposeful design and rather tasty branding and launch collateral.


The project’s design is one that connects living working and retailing all under one roof. Sitting on a plot adjacent to The Four Seasons hotel, the property rises up from landscaped grounds, past ten floors of offices to reach some 53 floors of residential units. See our animation work on our behance page here.


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This is a very elegant response to an intriguing brief. We are very pleased with the final delivery - it speaks of approachability, classic refinement and contemporary elegance.
Liam Farrell. Creative Director.

Onyx Skyview, the ultimate connected lifestyle

The second Kooheji Property to grace the skyline of Bahrain Bay, Onyx Skyview enhances and expands the concept of a downtown lifestyle with a new level of comfort & spaciousness. Joined by a retail plaza and commercial building, the project delivers on the promise of an interconnected work-life experience.

Onyx Skyview represents the nexus of contemporary architecture and modern urban living. Building on over 30 years of development experience, the developer has sought to combine their understanding of urban development with the kind of life-design today’s professionals and families seek. 

The Onyx Skyview brand design

The branding for Onyx Skyview had to span the sleek facade’s masculinity with the soft, human feeling of the interior design briefing. To span such breadth we pulled together a slick and minimal, almost Bond-like iconic logo with warm, cosy colours and tastefully chic typography. When combined with the renders and photography, the Onyx Skyview brand mark and its sympathetic pattern provide a reading that is both contemporary chic yet invitingly classic.

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Services delivered for Onyx Skyview:

Visual Identity, Slogan, Hastag, Tone of Voice, Brochure, Web and Graphic Design

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