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Batelco National Day.

Our nation's flag reinterpreted in celebration of the island's biggest day

Posted by Mohammed Zubair.

"Which desert island would I choose if I was castaway? Bahrain habbibi, definitely!"

A simple but highly effective graphic design solution won the day with this wonderful campaign the team at Unisono created for Batelco’s support of the National Day celebrations in Bahrain. Every year the island nation comes alive as it celebrates its National Day, typically with a host of patriotic activities and companies all over the kingdom get involved to various degrees. As the nation’s first operator, Batelco was keen to show its patriotism too and it is not scared of a flag campaign or two!

Love National Day, love the flag

The iconic Bahraini flag is the clearest identifier of this charming island nation and the creative team sought to celebrate some of the aspects of life on this Arabian archipelago with different graphic interpretations of the flag. Sail Boats, buildings from the Manama skyline and the ubiquitous Arabian palm (not to be confused with the tropical variety – oh no) caught the attention of all and sundry. Coca Cola’s agency was so enamoured with the work they later released their own version, a rather direct ‘homage’ (who said “copy!” ?) we think. We were so glad this concept won through as it is direct, well designed and brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it, be they islanders or visitors to this friendly island nation.

The work included an above the line campaign, digital and retail channel support works as well as a triptych of posters and SIM card packaging – for new arrivers to the country. For those islanders who were looking to go hip as well as show some National Day love, we also created some rather funky looking t-shirts – which were arguably the coolest display of patriotism of the entire season.

A simple, smart and joyous campaign for our charming island of smiles.


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