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Finding or creating a perfect, enduring title is an essential part of any brand design

Posted by Amy Morgan.

The sweetest sound, in any language, is your own name.
Dale Carnegie

Pepsi and Coke are two of the most enduring brand names in the world. While they can be quite changeable in terms of their brand design (especially Pepsi) their names have not changed (much) since inception. Getting the right name is critically important.

Few things are more important than a brand’s name

Unisono understands the importance of a name to a brand. A great name (ahem) can make or break a brand from day one. If the brand is not believable or likeable, thanks largely to it’s name, it will not gain traction in the market. Similarly, if a name is too basic or simple, it can kill a brand.

A great brand name creates intrigue

A great name should have intrigue factor – such as Apple. What a bizarre name for a company that sells small computers to geeks in California. But it was created with consideration. While other companies were labelling themselves as Tech this and Micro that, Apple stood out. By thinking different they stayed in people minds for longer.

Similarly people don’t know what Unisono means or what we do initially and this is also by design. If we chose a name they could instantly understand they could also instantly forget us. Unisono is a name that has to be learned and people seem keen to learn what it means – hence why you are reading this. This intrigue makes you learn and in the process of learning your brain is actually creating synaptic connections – you are literally growing your understanding of Unisono in your brain. When you have to learn something you have to grow the connections and when you have made the effort to grow them the act of recall becomes easier and the memory of Unisono stronger.

A great brand name separates you from your competition

There are a lot of competing companies our there and they all have their own ‘unique’ story and way of doing things. Your brand needs to be different and to compete in it’s own ‘blue ocean’ or else it will die quickly. Your name should associate you with the sector but differentiate you from it. For example, if Spotify didn’t want to succeed they could easily have called them selves xTunes and tried to compete head on with iTunes.

A great brand name doesn’t promote your category

We are often amazed at how many branding agencies promote their ability to do brand strategy and naming and yet use the category in their name. Imagine this in another category such as sports brands; Nike Sports, Adidas Sports, Puma Sports – they sound awful and wouldn’t cut it as international brand names so why do so many branding agencies make such a faux pas? Who knows but we believe there’s a better way and brands with distinction tend to be more successful.

“But you can’t tell what we do, if we don’t put what we do in our name”. This is what a lot of clients tell us when we propose names with no commodifying component. Sure, you are going to have to do some work telling people what you do but this is called marketing and guess what, you are going to have to do it anyway to succeed. Unisono’s name is based on a strategic intent. Sure you might not know what we do instantly but that is ok, you are here, you are reading and you will go away thinking – and hopefully that is because you believe in what we are doing and feel confident in what we are saying (or you just like reading creative websites and that’s ok too!).

Will your brand suffer ‘nounification’?

The ultimate result of a brand’s success is category domination or ‘nounification’. Brand’s like Hoover have transcended the category to become the collective noun for vacuum cleaners. Few other brands have achieved this status and it is unclear what benefit this brings as ultimately your name ends up as an unownable noun which promotes a generic product rather than your specific offering.

Our consultancy service will help you to find an own-able name, with distinction and longevity. A name which you can bank on and will help you to build equity for the life of your company. Call us and lets have a chat about why you do what you do and how we can help you do it.

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