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Mindset. Rebrand

Mind-funking good music with a brand to match

Posted by Renjith V. Nair

Yep, i love it. Love, love, love it.
Mazen Maskati. The Man in Charge. Mindset Bahrain.

The Mindset Media brand has been going for many moons in Bahrain so it was with some pleasure that we got to help them reinvent themselves into Mindset. If you’ve never been to Bahrain, you might not realise it but this little island has had a kicking underground scene since the 90’s. Mindset is helping the scene to thrive. Mindset is where Bahrain’s underground music scene comes to life. Bringing some of the world’s best talent to play in intimate clubs and giant beach parties, it was about time it to give the name a face.


Mindset Media, as it is officially and was originally called, needed a new identity. It was doing great events but all the brand equity was being left at the door. What we saw in the brand needed to be captured and communicated. We got the new, shorter and more directly-relatable name approved and started spinning in out from there. 



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Brands like Mindset makes me want to funk.
Liam Farrell. Partner.

Mindset Bahrain – The new brand tools

The Mindset logo is a cheeky combination of a section of a sawtooth sound wave which also looks like a light beam from above, the form also is clearly an abstract ‘M’ form. The type we are using is Aeonik Bold with some minor adjustments to the ‘t’, cutting the curves to give it a more technological finish.

The slogan is Funking Mind Music… and Its no secret, we like to funk and we like funky music. Everything is about the groove, so naturally our headline is too. It doesn’t hurt that people confuse funk with f__k.

We don’t use any colour in our brand but we do have some pretty funky-ass graphic devices. From patterns to visual fills, we make as much noise as the DJs. We chose Aeonik as it has the kind of quirky techno vibe that meshes with our music. It’s also kind of cool that it has a mono-spaced font that adds extra tech where it’s needed.

Headlines are set in Aeonik Bold, typically in Title Case so the stacking can be nice and tight. The kerning is also tight letting the headlines boom out with some serious sub. In the words of CoType: (the brand font) Aeonik positions itself as a Neo-Grotesk with a Geometric skeleton; with wider proportions than a typical Grotesk, but thinner than a typical Geometric Sans. This bonus in the Aeonik Family allows us to get playfully tech when we need to. Small type and coded snippets are applied liberally to our layouts.

Our tone of voice is playful, housey and a little bit techno. We like to reference the history of our scene and unlike our music, we never take ourselves too seriously. Our web address lets everyone know the focus of our brand is the music, the music and most of all, the music. Our tribe don’t come for instagram moments, they come for… the music. Regarding the photography, our images capture the essence of a great night out, getting low down and funky with the tribe, in front of a passionate DJ’s making loud speakers pump.

Mindset Bahrain, the results of our rebrand

The rebrand was launched officially with the event in Bahrain with global techno mega-brand, the mighty Cocoon from Berlin, Germany. The new livery has helped fans to understand and link all the events Mindset have produced since, creating greater equity for the team.


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