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Merlyn Masiado.

Financial wizardry and other such monetary matters are to be found near the mystical Merlyn.

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What gets measured gets done
Tom Peters

Merlyn is a wizard with money and knows how to make the figures dance for the management team every week. With a penchant for book keeping and books, if she is not nose-deep in one, she is flicking through another.

Education & Experience:

Graduated from Central Philippine University with a B.S. in… wait for it… Accountancy! Who would have guessed that?

Merlyn has been in a Japanese freight forwarding Company as a Branch Accountant for almost 7 years where she gained more her knowledge in all phases of Accounting.  She decided  to leave her first job and join a BPO (business Process outsourcing)  handling Branch Accounting. After a while, her previous boss ask to join her in the subsidiary of Japan Airlines which enable her to do some research with regards to the accounting system of Freight Forwarding Company in Southeast Asia.

Unexpectedly, she got an offer from a retail company from Bahrain wayback 2008, which she had a different position completely different from her Accounting background but have gained more knowledge on Retail industry and  Cost accounting as well.

Personal Details:

Merlyn is determined, self-assured and energetic, far from lacking in courage and strength and she can be more than a little feisty! Magnetic and high handed at times, she know what she want and usually manage to get it. She very expressive and don´t beat around the bush, however if she feel that the line has been crossed she are quite capable of losing her temper! She is very independent, busy and sociable, bubbly and very likeable. Independent and naturally inquisitive, she quickly tire of the routine and like to be on the move.

Merlyn says she can be ‘excessive, intolerant and intense’, and says it can be quite unnerving to observe someone who can be so severe and uncompromising where principles are concerned! Even more surprising is that she proves to be incredibly responsible, dependable and trustworthy!

She is outgoing and sociable and excels in the art of conversation. She adores change and novelty, adventure and travelling.  During her freetime, she loves to go out, love to try different food and loves to go to spas to relax.

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