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Unisono Notebooks 2019

The agency's love of luxurious print knows no bounds!

Posted by Ahmad Taha

If in doubt, foil it. You. can't. beat. foil.
The glitterati

Luxurious print finishing – a love story

Unisono loves many things but few things are as cherished as Luxurious print finishing – especially on our Notebooks. This year’s Notebooks are designed with the same attention to detail, the same love of great typography and the same philosophical pseudo poetic thought dump as previous years, only this time things are different, very different. The Notebooks for 2019 come in two foils – holo and copper. Hmmn… lovely.

How we ensure our Notebooks feature the most luxurious print finishing

Our print partners have a love/hate relationship with us. On one hand they love how we push them to deliver some of the best print on the Island, how we fill their portfolio with great work and stand out design. On the other hand, they hate our meticulous attention to detail, our proofing processes and our exacting demands on finishing and batch checking. We are atomic in our attention to the finer points of luxurious print finishing. And rightly so. We love to meet with our maker, down there in the depth of the details.

The Result

The Notebooks have a regular fan base and new converts every year. Our clients love the meticulous attention to detail, the vibrant copywriting and of course, the luxurious print finishing. We are happy to share the love so if you would like a sexy holo or prestigious copper Notebook, get in touch via info@unisonoagency.com and let us know if under 300 words why you think your life would benefit from the best Notebooks with the most luxurious print finishing in Bahrain.

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