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Two Lucan Place. Identity & Brochure

Classical lines reference the art deco facade of this stunning, West London real estate investment.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.
Samuel Johnson.

Industry Background

Lucan Place is the brainchild of Gulf Islamic Investments, a Emirati financial services firm with a raft of unique holdings. With the British capital’s property market being as safe as gold as an asset class, it is small wonder so many Gulf based investment firms look for projects like a London real estate brand in which to invest. The Two Lucan Place  property is located in an old police station in Chelsea which is not only in a prime location but is also in a beautiful, if dilapidated old building.

The project will be financed by initial investor interest as well as investment by the owners. GII required a unique and differentiating branding approach which could be used to create impact with an audience who have no end of investment opportunities to review.

The creative solution for GII’s London real estate brand

The creative strategy for the project was to capture the essence of the building’s aesthetic in a brand mark and portray the setting and location of the project to excite potential investors.

The creative work comprised a unique building identity for Two Lucan Place who’s visual reference played homage to the building’s facade. The art deco styling of the architecture was to be sympathetically restored in a new, updated facade which would still referenced the classic lines of its former, more glorious years. When creating the brand mark, we  referenced these lines and used them as a key part of the visual identity.



Featuring a warm and welcoming colour palette of off white, Ochre and Copper, from the cover to the inside spreads, the piece exudes effortless grace and charm. The Gill sans type reflects the age of the building and is charmingly set into a formal grid amidst classic photographs of the location.

The end result is a happy client who is now armed with a classically designed investor pack comprising the packaging, brochure of the project, investor information and fulfilment literature.

Services Delivered:

Identity Design, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Print Management.

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