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Liam Farrell.

His 'Gridness' is a total raster-farian. He loves bass lines of all kinds.

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God created everything with purpose, it is man's endless task to understand his reasoning - especially with regards to comic sans.
The reluctant observer.

Unisono’s Creative Director and founding partner has a passion for design which verges on the obsessive. Some worried folk have commented that if there was a clinic for this type of obsession, he would be the one in the softest cell.

Spending most of his days feverishly working away on some creation or other, Liam is in constant design mode and has garnered a reputation as a bit of a type spotter. In fact, he and his type spotting loony friends, can be found most weekends, fondling fonts with a worrying degree of tenderness. Known for his speed-to-Mac and KPH (Keynotes-Per-Hour), Liam has garnered a reputation with some colleagues as a ‘Design Machine’, found often in ‘Jean-Michel Jarre’ mode, outputting all manner of creative works within ludicrously limiting deadlines.

When he’s not designing, Liam likes to snowboard, dive, swim, play tennis, practice yoga, play house music (loudly), cook, read modern social history and travel. This paints a picture of a man who is svelte and trim, worldly wise and knowledgeable which is an assertion with scant evidence to support it. An eloquent writer and responsible for most of the blurb on this site (trumpets blow! And it’s me thats blowing), Liam has shared his design knowledge (such that it is) and opinions with various industry publications, including Design Week, Gulf Marcom Insider and Pipeline Constructor Monthly (a publishing zenith his career may rarely better).

Education & Experience:

Liam graduated from Salford Design School, Manchester, with first class honours, and a personal commendation from Peter Saville. Liam’s extensive work experience includes a stint at Attik, Consulting for BBDO and JWT, Head of Creative at Amaze (Liverpool and London) and Design Director and founding partner of Tap (London). In 2003, Liam moved to Bahrain to work with Saatchi and Saatchi as Design Director, where his first assignment was to pitch for (and win) the multi-million dollar MENA-wide Frigidaire account. Liam left Saatchi in 2006 to start Unisono and continues as Creative Director.

Client List:

Future Publishing, British Telecom (BT), Yell, Cortel Telecom, Capital Media, Fremantle Media, Diyar, Cityscape, KFH, BisB, Gilan, KGL, Central Office of Information, UPC, Metropolitan Police Force, Guardian Media Group, Nestlé, Tite and Lewis, Proctor and Gamble, MacUser Magazine, Creative Arts Magazine, Batelco, VIVA (Bahrain), VIVA (Kuwait), Kalaam, STC (KSA), Kulacom, LightSpeed, Callem (KSA), TRA (Bahrain), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB, UAE), Arab Link (UAE), AFS, BisB, GFH, SICO, BNI, BNH, KFH, Ijara, BFC, GIB, Al Salaam Bank, Aflaj Partners, ABC Bank, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Renault, Dent Doctor, Automo, Ssanyong, Beaucraft, RizonJet, Automall, First Bahrain, Naseej, Diyar Al Muharraq, KGL (Kuwait), GB Corp, Alliance (KSA), IDC, Al Waab City (Qatar), Al Oula (KSA), Iskan (Kuwait), Meritas, Dilmunia, Injaz (KSA), Meena Developments, Le Reef, Zawia Towers, SIOPMC, Amlak, RAK Properties (RAK), The Waterfront, Aramco (KSA), Earth, Hidd Power Company, Bapco, Toledo (KSA), Majaal, Projects Group, Enerji, Qudrat, Cityscape (UAE), Middle East Concrete (UAE), Spring of Culture, Daily Mail Group Events (UAE), Bahrain International Garden Show, Plants and Machinery Live (UAE), Big 5 (UAE), Streetlight Media, GOYS, EDB, NHS (UK), Prince Al Waleed bin Talal (KSA), Ritz Carlton, The Palace Hotel, Greenville, Bahrain Family Leisure Company, Majid Al Futtaim (UAE), RedBull, Bateel, Maza, E.K. Kanoo, Kingdom Holding (KSA), Gilan (USA), La Marine, Burgerland, Black Box, Silah, Invita, YK Almoayyed, HR Capital, Ahad Holdings, The Paper Truck, MedNet (Bahrain & UAE), Clinica Yara, Lamar Holding, YBS, Al Noor

Books, Blogs & Magazines

Liam’s work has featured in several books and branding blogs including Logo Talk, which featured branding work for Dilmunia, Seef Mall, Black Book and HPC. Respected branding blog BandNew featured Liam’s branding work for Arab Link and Seef Mall.

Previous to this, Liam was commissioned by MacUser, Create, Digital Arts and Digital Music Magazines for his illustration skills.

Awards & Recognition:

Design and Design. Corporate Profile, GFH.
Design and Design. Collateral, Unisono.
Transform MENA. Shortlist. Best use of a visual property. Batelco
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best brand evolution. Batelco
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best implementation of a brand development project. Batelco
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best visual identity from the energy & extractives sector. Enerji
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best creative strategy. GFH
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best brand development project to reflect changed mission/ values/ positioning. GFH
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best brand architecture solution. GFH
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best visual identity from the financial services sector. GFH
Transform MENA.  Shortlist. Best visual identity from the professional services sector. Streetlight

Transform MENA. Gold. Seef Mall
Transform MENA. Silver. Amlak 
Transform MENA. Bronze. Dilmunia, Bahrain.
Transform MENA. Silver. Arab Link, UAE.
Transform MENA. Highly Commended. Al Wa’ab City, Doha.
Transform. Silver. Al Wa’ab City, Doha.
Rebrand 100. Distinction. Arab Link, UAE.

Design and Design. Note Book, Unisono.
Rebrand 100*. Distinction. Al Wa’ab City, Doha.
Telecoms Middle East. Best Brand. VIVA Bahrain.
Rebrand 100*. Distinction. Naseej Properties.
MENA Crystal. Shortlist. ‘4G – Concert’
MENA Crystal. Shortlist. ‘4G – Stadium’
MENA Crystal. Shortlist. ‘Fibre Optic – Video’
MENA Crystal. Shortlist. ‘Fibre Optic – Music’
Shortlisted ‘I love’ Batelco.
Finalist ‘4G – Concert’ Batelco.
Finalist ‘4G – Stadium’ Batelco.
Finalist ‘Fibre Optic – Video’ Batelco. 
Finalist ‘Fibre Optic – Music’ Batelco. 

Rebrand 100*. Merit.
German Design Council (Nominee). Naseej Properties.
German Design Council (Nominee).
MENA Internet Awards. Alwaleed Foundations. Nominee. ‘Best Governmental Website’

Rebrand 100*. Merit.

MENA Crystal. Shortlist. VIVA. Radio. ‘Biggest Fan’.
MENA Crystal. Shortlist. VIVA. Print. ‘VIVA TV Girl’.
MENA Crystal. Shortlist. BFC. ‘Launch’.

World Logo Design Association. Best of Nation.
Banker Middle East. Best Islamic-Backed Finance Brand. Ijara (KFH).
Middle East Real Estate Awards. Best Industrial Real Estate Brand. Majaal (First Bahrain).
Macromedia. Shocked Site of the Day. Whorl
Macromedia. Shocked Site of the Day. Amaze

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