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La Marine. Menu

Bespoke photography for this sumptuous menu design.

Posted by Liam Farrell

I just love everything you do, I trust you to do great work
Jameel Salman

The original branding for La Marine was done by the agency many moons ago, as was the original and much loved menu design. The agency was commissioned again with out pitch to do the updated menu. The food photography is all of the client’s actual menu so gives a real representation of the quality of food you can expect at La Marine.

The menu design features big bold and beautiful images through out, helping make selection of dishes easier for the largely Saudi audience. Complimenting the bespoke photography are select shots from libraries which work as subject interstitials, giving the menu structure and a visual contrast to the food photography.

Cover features varnish over the scales to give a tactile quality to the print, evoke the idea of the scales and increase the general lustre of the menu.

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