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Karmah. Branding

Add vitality to a healthy life with Karmah, pressed juice that brings you freshness and good health with every drop.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

There is plenty of juice to keep this economy going.
Steve Forbes.

Industry setting

Karmah is a holistic and Gold award winning juice brand from Bahrain. The market for nutritional and healthy eating products in the kingdom has grown exponentially in recent year. There are now multiple juice brands, healthy eating menus and cafés and even the country’s first vegan and raw food purveyors and outlets. The competition is strong and growing stronger in line with an increased appetite for healthier eating and lifestyles.

Challenges the new juice brand faced

Our challenge was to help create a new brand from a previous existing firm called Inner Circle. This was the working title of the product owners Bader. We reviewed the working title and advised the client that this name would not connect with the target market. The proposed packaging examples also would not help to connect with the audience who wanted to know their products were in fully recyclable containers.

The future of the brand was not to be limited to just juice. It wanted to start in juice and grow into other verticles within the healthier lifestyle space. We needed a brand that would stand out in a crowded market place with a name that connected, a visual identity that made people want to take notice and a packaging design that fitted with the ethos of the brand. In short, we summed up our challenge in this statement : To create a brand that people can understand and fall in love with.

The new juice brand needed to:

  • Provide a strategic framework on which the brand could be built
  • Provide a name and identity that could become a platform for future growth beyond drinks
  • Create impact in a crowded market – especially amidst the competition on refrigerated shelves
  • Make a connection with people who had high ideals, aspirations and expectations
  • Illustrate the joy of healthy living

Strategy of an award winning juice brand

Our strategy was built on the back of core market research including sampling and deconstruction of competitive offers. After the market audit we workshopped with the brand owners to get to the essential truth of the brand. We understood that the brand was offer tasty drinks that are nutritious and cleansing and support healthy lifestyles but they are offered in a way that is both playful and seriously dedicated. The brand’s production processes maximise the nutrition intake in an environmentally sustainable manner. The brand owners wanted support the movement towards healthier lifestyles. By educating themselves they could customers the best possible products.

We encapsulated this in a new brand strategy which started with a vision: To make healthy simple and tasty.  To this we added core values we knew would help build the right culture at the firm. These values are: Supportive (caring, helpful, loving), honest (ethical, aligned, loyal), inspiring (can do, passionate, leading). We expressed a brand essence which captured their approach to the market: Playfully nerdy. The brand owners take a fun approach to creating tasty products, but are seriously nerdy about nutrition. We summarised this as ‘sophisticated hippies’. The brand is classy & fashionable; but we also care about the environment and love all things organic, natural and eco friendly.


  • Karmah has inspired people to join them on the path to creating healthier lives.
  • Karmah is building a perception of being advocates of healthier, more satisfied and positive societies.

Check out the Karmah juice brand Instagram page on instagram.com/karmahjuice/

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