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After the rebrand, Esterad's clean, crisp and bold website.

Posted by Hamza Hajji

It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority.
John Templeton.

A quick introduction to Esterad’s investment company website

As part of a multi-stage rollout after the rebrand, Esterad needed a corporate website in line with the newly approved brand aesthetic. Our objective was to create an aligned image for the brand’s digital footprint helping to clearly deliver the brand’s new proposition to its target audience and the wider public.

Challenges we had to overcome in developing the investment company website

With a new brand strategy set, Unisono had to ensure the website reflected the brand’s essence and clearly translated the new vision, values and promise. Our team of digital design experts were tasked to develop a strong online platform that embodies the brand’s bolder and more ambitious character.

Our strategic approach to developing Esterad’s website

As Esterad’s brand custodian, Unisono developed a creative strategy for the website’s look and feel. We kicked off the ideation stage which included mentor research and moodboards creation. This work informed the UX and UI design ensuring the website would function aswell as it looks. We drafted the content in line with the brand’s new tone of voice, and lastly, managed the technical build development from start to finish, ensuring a highly functional and pixelperfect digital platform.

Results of our work for the investment company website

With its clean structure, bold expression and crisp copy, the finished website is a perfect embodiment of the brand’s new bolder and more ambitious philosophy. From the intriguing animations to the sharp photographic styling, every page is reflective of the brand’s new aesthetics. Esterad’s compelling story, from its inception in 1973 to its recent strategic transformation, has been captured and expressed through interesting layouts, type and imagery. We are excited to see this platform become a key tool in achieving Esterad’s mission of pushingthe limits of possibility.

The work has been entered for numerous awards and we await with bated breath for the results!

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Services delivered:

Responsive Website User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), Copywriting, Technical Build Development
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