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Inovest. Rebrand & Digital

The Inovest brand evolves for a new era of innovation

Posted by Ahmad Taha

Innovation is essential for progress. Without progress there is no growth and in business, as in life, you're either growing or dying.

The Inovest brand, a quick introduction

Inovest brand is a GCC based brand with headquarters in Bahrain. The firm started life back in 2008 as an emergent component of its then-parent company, Tameer. Tameer started operations in 2002 and became publicly listed on both the Bahrain and Kuwait stock exchanges in 2008. Following the strategic decision to expand the company’s activities, Tameer BSC was transformed into Inovest BSC, an A grade full-fledged investment company regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain and also listed on both the Bahrain and Kuwait stock exchanges. Consequently, Tameer has been reintroduced as a Bahraini closed shareholding company wholly owned by Inovest BSC.
Inovest approached Unisono to rebrand their Tameer brand as they wished to take a more strategic approach for the project and they felt this was lacking in the previous approaches. They had a logo and a loosely applied identity but nothing felt considered or appropriate to who they were.

The Inovest brand challenge

Our challenge was to create a brand, identity and communication tool kit for Tameer which would help the brand to properly communicate who it was. The first issue we came up against was the notion that Tameer as the parent didn’t make sense architecturally. The more Innovative parent brand was Inovest and from a brand architecture perspective, it made more sense for this to be the parent brand and therefore the focus of the rebrand.

After several rounds of strategic and creative study and presentation, the firm agreed on the notion to bring Inovest to the fore and let Tameer setting into its rightful position as a subsidiary firm within the group rather than the parent brand.


A creative solution for the Inovest brand

From our research and investigation with key directors at the firm, it became clear that Inovest’s greatest strengths lied within its leveraging of its core competency in real estate. Where it triumphed was in finding opportunities to combine its core strengths with other emergent market trends. For example, its Labour Accommodation at BIW (Bahrain Investment Wharf) has witnessed great growth and significant profit. This project was built on real market insights coupled with core service provision and was predicated on Inovest’s core capability to develop the real estate component.

Our vision for the brand was to create a truly international and innovative investment brand that delivered tangible results from investments in well defined markets. Essentially they looked at a sea of opportunities and eliminated any that did not fit with their core competency profile. Then the firm built out the investment from rigorous study of the opportunity, from end to end. This end-to-end notion formed the basis of our identity work.

The slick modernist identity was applied creatively in various modes to a range of collateral from a beautifully finished notebooks to an responsive and highly engaging web site.

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Services Delivered:

Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Identity, Stand Design and Out Door Campaign.

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