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Infrastructure : the bones on which society grows

Posted by Liam Farrell

You've done a good job here, the website works really well.
Majed Alkhan. CEO. Infracorp

Infracorp is bringing value investing to the GCC via a new brand and a new digital presence. The bold new identity (also designed by us) is helping the brand to present its ‘value investing’ to prospective new clients across the region. In place of typical valuations of assets, value investing looks at the Environmental, Social and Governmental aspects of a project to determine the essential value of the opportunity.


To find out more about Infracorp, why not visit the site here or view our project page here?


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The website has set a new standard for the brand and for the brands in the group. We are delighted with the result of what was a highly collaborative exercise.
Liam Farrell. Partner.

Challenges we faced creating the Infracorp website

Infracorp is a new brand that is taking over and holding a number of assets previously owned by GFH, a large financial group in Bahrain. The brand now owns Falcon Cement, Balexco and GFH Properties, brands once owned by GFH Group.

Our key challenge was how to create a digital presence for the brand that could communicate corporate strength as well as express the brand’s personal, human dimension. The new site showcase the brand’s focus, its presence, the team and the unique investments it offered. Even on a slightly restrained timeframe, we were able to pull something off that creates real impact on all those who visit. 

Our role was to find the right voice which could create belief and foster participation with all levels of stakeholders – from staff to investors.

Building the Infracorp website, a strategic response

From our discussions with key stakeholders on the project launch team, the requirements were clear. Having developed the brand, the agency needed no outside briefing on how to express the brand’s ethos online.

The colour palette focusses on monochrome and in the UI, this was supported by a simple set of hues which help to convey more human themes across the content pages as well as helped to divide the layouts. The type palette is singular and based on the logo’s Founders Grotesk word mark. The finished aesthetic of the site is very close to the other touchpoint – clearly international in status and timeless in presence. 

The results of our work on the Infracorp website development

The brand has launched externally and accompanying the launch was the website. So far all things look good, the brand and the digital presence has earned a great response external stakeholders and staff.  

See our design of Infracorp’s website here, to check out our other branding projects, click here. To see the GFH website, click here

Services delivered:

Naming, Brand Identity Design, Slogan, Signage,  Advertising, Graphic Design and Application Design.

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