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Alhoty. Rebrand

A slick new modernist identity applied across Alhoty's digital presence.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise.
Denis Waitley

A quick outline of the new industrial services brand for Alhoty

Alhoty is a well known industrial services brand across the region providing a range of analytical services to a wide client based across numerous sectors including construction, oil field and manufacturing. Alhoty came to us as they needed to differentiate from another firm who were also called Alhoty. A company with whom they shared a legacy but from whom they needed to divorce and differentiate themselves from visually.

The Alhoty brand challenge

The core purpose of this industrial services brand is ‘to do things the right way’ – there is only one way in Alhoty, and that way is correct, meticulously well thought and highly reliable. They do their homework before they go to school. Details matter to the team at Alhoty, they take care of every step, knowing their thoughts and actions not only save money, but can also save lives. 

The new vision we created is ‘to empower development through expertise’. A-far-reaching horizon line and an ‘untickable box’, this vision will enable the firm to expand their expertise and ensure their clients can develop in the comfortable understanding that they have the right expertise at hand.

We also developed the right value framework for an industrial services brand like Alhoty; the firm values being supportive, trustworthy, proactive and diligent. This simple set of values is now helping to set the cultural imprint of the firm for the next stage in its growth.

A creative solution for a new industrial services brand

From our research and investigation with key directors at the firm, it was soon self-evident that Alhoty’s core perception equity lies within its expertise. They are known by a simple thought which we coined; ‘the experts’ expert’. This phrase was expressed by our strategy team early on in the development of the brand and stuck out like a shiny penny.

From various in-depth visualisation exercises we finally centred on an evolutionary approach to the iconography and the ‘expanding beyond the box’ concept won through. This slick modernist identity expressed not only a purposeful evolution from where they were previously but allowed them to retain enough of a connection to their legacy identity to ensure buy-in from all senior stakeholders and a positive migration for all the team and partners alike.

The Result

The tasteful, minimal and iconic new identity was applied creatively to a range of touch points, from beautifully finished internal graphics and signage, across print materials and across their highly engaging digital presence.

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