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Harbour Row. Brochure

Nautical identity for this Transform MENA Gold award-winning destination and real estate brand.

Posted by Mohammed Zubair.

The choice in typography gives the brand a spacious, clean feel - one that is appealing to GFH's market audience.
Transform MENA Judge.

Previously titled The Waterfront, GFH’s Gold Award Winning Harbour Row project had issues with it’s name. The title was taken by another project which the client felt was causing some concern with clarity of its own communications. With the new name set, our brief was to create a unique visual language for the brand that would sit well with its ‘young but affluent’ audience.

To create a unique identity for Harbour Row in a cluttered field as real estate required a concept; we stole ours from the location. We looked at visual tropes for harbours and stole a few key visual devices. One was the idea of the stencil – as used on container and casing used by naval vessels and merchants alike.

The second was the use of Morse code, the long established communication medium used by sailors through out the ages. We adopted a bespoke font Severign Stencil as our chief headline font – this not only gave Harbour Row’s identity a subtle nautical feeling but it also aligned to the modernist design principles of the architecture. The font also gave all our headlines a presence few other fonts could match whilst also aligning wonderfully with the Morse code.

Harbour Row employed Morse code to great effect

The secretive nature of the Morse code enabled us to hide buried messages in the design which would work as ‘Easter eggs’ to discerning readers and investors alike. The final brand design utilises typography to really drive engagement in the strong brand narrative while also giving a uniquely contemporary aesthetic to all the presentation collateral. While only recently launched, the Harbour Row brand is already well known in Bahrain and investor interest has been solid.

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