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Hajer Ghareeb

A minimalism enthusiast.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

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Boredom is a function of attention. If we become bored, we should ask if we are operating in the right frame of attention.
Susan Sontag.

A multidisciplinary artist, predominantly an illustrator and designer, Hajer has a penchant for challenge and obsessive detail, which is no surprise once you see her flawless designs.

Being a passionate advocate of social change, Hajer has been involved in various multifaceted platforms such as Mideast Youth as a volunteer from 2010-2014 and Mideast Tunes as a manager/designer from 2013-2014. Her very recent involvement is being a co-founder of Anxiety & Depression Association in 2016.

When she is not glued to a computer screen, she spends her time listening to music/favourite podcasts, practicing mindfulness, and watching Seinfeld reruns.

Just when you think it all ends there, it doesn’t. She has a long list of things she likes and we can only give you a sneak peek. Some of the things she likes to do are experimenting new art techniques, attending live concerts, playing instruments and visiting gallery exhibitions. She also has a strong fondness for surreal art, philosophy, Susan Sontag, dark humour and cheese.

No one rocks design and such varied interests put together like Hajer! We won’t be surprised if she finds another ‘hobby’ and create something amazing out of it. That would only make what she believes in more evident and that is learning all there is to learn.

Education & Experience:

Hajer earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Multimedia and Web Development (Ajman University of Science and Technology) in 2012. Before entering the brilliant world of Unisono, she worked as a designer at Obai & Hill from 2014-2015.

Client List:

Batelco, Al Reem, GFH, Dilmunia, Inovest, BBK.

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