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Technological progress is the key benchmark by which we judge nations.

Posted by Liam Farrell

Technology will make us it's pet
Steve Wozniak (Founder of Apple).

Some time you get to work on a project that leaves you smiling from ear-to-ear. This project for GFH is one of those ‘cheshire cat’ projects and yes, we had full beamers in the office when this project came back from the producers. A positively joyful combination of great design and careful production has produced a calendar worthy of a place on anyone’s desk. In fact the client was so happy they ordered an additional round of production – were you lucky enough to get your hands on one? Do tell!


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Print so tasty you could lick* it (*but please don't).
Liam Farrell. Partner.

A quick over view of the GFH technology calendar

We’ve done a hell of a lot of calendars as an agency, they seem to be a staple around here. From the get go we have always tried to break molds and do something different, unique or production intensive. Sometimes the client gets it, the hard work pays off and you can sit back and admire your hard work. In agency-villa, we wish this happened more often because when it does, the team feels like life is sweet and our existence isn’t futile.

The GFH technology calendar is one such project. Called ‘the matrix calendar’ by its recipients, the end result of client collaboration, agency team work and brilliant print production is clear to see. It is a brilliant outcome from months of hard work. Well done to all who made it happen.

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