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GFH. XLR8 Sports Brand.

Dynamic art direction, graphic design and photography complete this new brand platform for GFH.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

1 winner, 149 whiners... but hey, that's competition for ya.

GFH sports brand challenge

The challenge for the GFH sports brand platform covered several concerns; we had to up the anti on the name (a rather typical ‘Accelerate’) and create a long lasting sports brand platform for a group who had, until this little release, been quite distant from the notion of sports branding. We also had an audience who were used to rather typical sporting brands and visual identities that lack any degree of oomph. They were, well, quite pedestrian, if you will.

A new sporting identity with added vitesse

By ‘disemvowelling’ the word Accelerate we could bring a notion of speed to the name and give it a more graphic form. The visual identity is largely comprised of bold Frank New type by Miles Newlyn, a defined 30º angular structure coupled with a signature red colour tone. The messaging is highly charged and competitively fun. The messaging is written in such an aggressively sporting fashion as to render it more ‘comic book’ than ‘road rage’.

Results of the GFH sports brand development

The overall look of GFH sports brand is ‘machismo on steroids’, the tonality is pumped up and adrenal and the impact is devastating – especially on the losers. The first race is set for this autumn and will be managed by a sports event company on the island. We can’t wait to see who wins but whoever wins on the track will surely be more of a winner with a pumping new XLR8 t-shirt on their back.

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Services delivered:

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Identity, Copywriting.

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