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GFH. Island Campaign

Creative advertising campaign highlighting the diversity of one of the region's leading financial groups

Posted by Ahmad Taha

They are one of the most creative agencies in the region
Hisham Al Rayes

GFH advertising campaign challenge

The challenge for this GFH advertising campaign was put to our creative team – how do you create awareness for a brand which has no real products or services on which to base your campaign. Our work was to represent a serious financial group and investment organisation with out using basic visual tropes like money or investment visual clichés.

Advertising campaign strategy

The approach we took was to imagine the broad extent of the financial group regional reach – how diverse its offerings were and how deeply involved it was in national economic activity. We consider many approaches to illustrating the broad reach of the organisation but felt all fell into the visual clichés we were so desperate to avoid.

We chose to create an entire island nation in the shape of the logo as we felt this was the best way to capture the broad extent of the brand’s reach.

Results of the advertising campaign

The final rendering features a slew of brand-inspired buildings and associated economic infrastructure, from bridges and airports to buildings and whole city blocks shaped like the brand’s iconic brand mark. Even the waves and the beaches reflect back the brand’s influence with shapes that echo the icons double diamond shape.

The advertising campaign has reached its target of building awareness of the brand across its key demographics and reminding them of the broad extent of the impact of the financial services it offers to its wide financial investor audience.

Services delivered:

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Retouching, Image Making, Illustration, Copy Writing.

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