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A truly monstrous upgrade to your cinematic expectations

Posted by Renjith V. Nair

You guys have done an incredible job with this brand. Its perfect. We are delighted.
Hatim Dadabi. Epix Cinema.

The biggest names in cinema are coming to a 4K laser projected, super-sized, Dolby Atmos-enabled screen near you soon. They are going to be big, they are going to be Epic. Bahrain loves the big screen, big time… so Unisono were delighted to be selected to create the first new, local big-screen movie experience. This brand wont be showing the odd movie hit, its gonna show a lot of Epix. The new brand was lining up mega movies, huge hollywood dramas and cinematic, IMAX-style on huge PXL screens. We needed a name that could hold an experience as large as this. ‘Epix’ fitted perfectly.


The brand owners Dadabi needed a new brand idea, one large enough to contain their bold ambitions. The brand was set to deliver a revolution in cinema but didn’t have a brand to house it in. What we saw the idea of Epix was a brand with monstrously large potential. This is the story of how we built it into an epic brand.


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This was always going to be big... I am not sure anyone was prepared for just how big it has become. Great client, wonderful results.
Liam Farrell. Partner.

The Epix Cinema Brand Proposition

We are curators of extraordinary entertainment experiences. We deliver magical encounters that bring movies to life and transport our guests to a fantastic world, inspiring moments of delight and creating lasting memories. 

The Epix Cinema Brand Purpose is to Find a Better Way

We believe entertainment is not just about being ‘same same’ or ‘good enough’. We are dedicated to delighting our customers and work hard every day to ensure every visit is better than the last. We take entertainment to the next level. We love it when you say “It just keeps getting better!”

The Epix Cinema Brand Strategy Components

  • Vision – To Entertain & Delight
  • Positioning – Incredible Entertainment Experiences
  • Promise – To entertain and Delight you with Incredible Entertainment Experiences
  • Brand Values  Imagination & Hospitality. We constantly explore new technologies and ideas to deliver entertainment experiences that delight and inspire. We believe every process and interaction can be enhanced and push ourselves to go beyond the ordinary. We believe in the power of comfort and belonging. We work together to create perfectly choreographed experiences that make everyone feel important, welcome and cared for.
  • Brand Persona – is the Entertainer. Epix are a fun-loving performer who lives in the moment. We are playful, we live out loud, loving  attention and adoration. We are a natural people person, adored by all, far and wide. We inspire engagement & delight in the spectacle of entertaining theatre.

Epix Cinema needed a new Brand Name

Originally named ‘Epic’, the brand owners were happily advised that the name Epic was already taken by a cinema franchise. We were commissioned to create a new moniker that could maintain the same elevated positioning but be own-able by the team. Epix pluralises the name and connects it closely to the idea of pictures or pics (pix?). The brand will show big movies or epics on enormous screens in state-of-the-art theatres. The name perfectly suited the experience.  

Epix Cinema Brandname Explained. We are epic in our thinking. We are epic in our doing. We are epic on an XL scale. We are Epix. We do things bigger & better than the rest.

The Epix Cinema Brand Identity

The Epix brand mark tells you all you need to know, in a powerful visual pun. The brand is about big movies on bigger screens. Utilising Connery Fagen’s CF Integral Demi Bold, set in all caps, the bold and unambiguous brand type is surrounded by a truly mega sized screen which is set to captivate audiences of all ages and preferences.


The Epix Cinema Brand Layers & Subbrands

The Epix Brand comes in four unique formats, each with their own subtle deviation from the parent brand:

  1. Epix (Regular) is the original big screen experience, for incredible family entertainment, on and off the screen.
  2. Epix VIP is the best movie experience reimagined with incredible, VIP-level extras such as like table service in lounging, recliner seats.
  3. Epix XL features the biggest screen in Bahrain, for the largest, most incredible movie experience possible.
  4. Epix Kids (now Kinder) lets your kid’s imaginations (and anything else) go wild in a safe, controlled environment designed to let parents entertain their little ones to the max.

The Epix Cinema Brand Toolkit™

Focussed on the screen, the identity utilises the signature Epix screen form across all touch points as a frame for big screen visuals. Playfully applied, our epic visual device has a bold, simple utility that is very media-agnostic. Epix delivers entertainment which is so large it feels like it is literally bursting out of the screen. How can we capture that in a mere words? It’s extra large entertainment (which is ‘XL Ent’ for short).

Epix Cinema Typograpy

Regarding typography, there is only one font large enough to cope with the brand’s needs and that is Druk by Commercial Type. Set in widescreen format (AKA Druk Wide Medium), the type is set using stacked capitals, for maximum impact. Our brand is extra large and our headlines are massive, Druk’s Wide font style helps our messages to cut through. We use only one weight (Medium, I know, they clearly look XL , right?) and apply colour for emphasis.

In support of Druk’s bold headlines is Urania, used to typeset all Epix non-display (or Small Copy) sizes. To add emphasis to our Light type, for key expressions in our messages, we are using Urania in Medium Weights, or in different colours (in the same weight).

Epix Cinema Brand Patterns and Photography

As a truly massive brand, we could not use regular sized patterns, instead we found by zooming in to film reels, clapper boards and popcorn patterns, we could create supporting visual devices which lived up to our super-sized name. Cinema is nothing with out snacks, so for our brand photography, we wanted to represent big flavours in a massive way. Macro + Motion was the brief… the results were gigantic.

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Services delivered for Epix Cinema:

Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity Design, Slogan, Signage, Social and Graphic Design.

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