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Enerji. Rebrand

Relooping electrical energy to help save the planet, one plug at a time.

Posted by Liam Farrell

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity.
L. Frank Baum


Enerji is a highly inventive and unique product that needed a brand that would help it move from it’s technical beginnings to a brand that could compete in the international energy sector. Though the team is small their ambition is big and so is the innovation at the heart of their product. They needed a compelling brand and message.


Our strategy was born from market research and workshops with the client to understand them, their ambitions and where their unique brilliance lay. We devised a brand strategy centred on an empowering  vision – To realise the true power of energy. We reduced the many attributes we felt the company needed to build a culture that could realise this vision to three. These were the values of Trustworthiness, Innovation, and Passion. We defined their brand promise (to reduce the real cost of energy) and created a unique positioning (limitless) to sum up the opportunity.

 With the strategy agreed and understood, we embarked upon a naming exercise to find a title that was both own-able and applicable in local and international markets. We long listed then shortlist before proof checking a few final candidate names before Enerji was approved.


Enerji’s brand design has been created to represent the new face of the progressive energy sector. With a movement towards eco-consciousness we needed to create a brand that was designed with a new sense of humanism. The design of the brand manages to skilfully blend corporate cues (colouration) with more human features (type, illustrated icons) to create a strong impression of a brand destined to change attitudes towards the cost and use of energy.


The Brand design was unanimously approved by the board of directors and team members often cite the brand design as a reason for joining and staying with the start up. The brand has created a uniquely approachable face for a previously highly technical product and has been rolled out to a few key touch points as part of a phased delivery.

The brand design and strategy won  ‘Bronze’ in the ‘Best Brand Identity from the Energy and Extractives Sector’ at Transform Mena 2015.

Services delivered include:

Naming Strategy, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Web Design, Print Design.

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