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Britus. Identity & Collateral

GFH's new investment fund has a very bright future.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin.

The Britus education brand, an overview

Britus is an education brand and the new global financial investment platform for Unisono’s long standing client, GFH. The firm aims to build the world’s largest educational fund from a series of investments in schools from across the globe. Starting with investments in schools in the US and UK, the fund aims to expand with global acquisitions across all markets.

Challenges we faced in developing an education brand identity

Our task with Britus was to create an identity which was able to span the divide between the educational and financial worlds. The firm needed a visual signature that felt educational but would build confidence with investors, who would be new to the fund and the concept of collateralized educational investments. The financial literature, or Private Placement Memorandum (‘PPM’), needed to convey confidence to investors and bring the opportunity to life through a simple yet compelling delivery of critical financial data to a highly sophisticated audience.

Our strategic approach and creative solution

The Britus education brand features unique visual markers that reflect the financial industry and yet still retains a feeling that is very educational. The core visual identity reflects the initialism of the brand’s name while also reflecting the illuminating qualities recipients of education receive. Finally, the multiplicity of the formation represents the many entities which comprise the fund.

The signature colour palette contains a calming blue tone as the base colour, aligned with a humanistic tope colour. The feelings exuded by this combination is at once warm and yet also exclusive. The Mercury type face used in both display and text variations helps to convey a serious tone that sites well in both the ‘education brand’ and ‘financial institute’ camps.

The PPMs feature very structured visual grids, elegant financial illustrations and clear tabulated information presentation. The section breakers help to add a human touch and the brand implementation studies brings an air of certainty that builds investor confidence in the fund.

Results from our education brand identity and PPM works

The brand has succeeded in creating a visual identity that spans the two worlds of education and financial services. The identity and especially the PPMs helped create a positive reaction from the investor audience. The identity itself has also garnered a number of positive reactions from the design cognoscenti. With the awards season soon upon us, we look forward to a positive response from the international judges as well. 

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