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Hospitalia by Yara. Menuzine

Yara will now enjoy a beautiful way to present her offerings with this contemporary menuzine.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

I love the result! Unisono did not only meet my expectations but actually exceeded them.
Yara Salman.

Hospitalia by Yara, a quick intro to Bahrain’s latest dermatology brand

Hospitalia by Yara is a new dermatology brand in the Kingdom and the latest business venture for Yara Salman, a successful young entrepreneur. Known for its unique offerings that became synonymous with everything beautiful and glamorous, the Yara brand has proven to be an epitome of beauty itself. Hospitalia by Yara brings the professional and sought-after dermatology experience of the west to the warm atmosphere of our Island. With its latest technology and some of the world’s top skin care specialists, the brand has established a distinct reputation, recognised by many.

The challenge of building a new dermatology brand

The face of the brand, Yara, has a deep passion for chasing innovation and is a true believer of the value of beauty. This and many other reasons are why we were not surprised when she approached us with a big vision for her latest project. The Yara brand was doing great in the market since its conception as a beauty lounge and now Ms Salman wanted to surprise Bahrain with something new and exciting. Yara wanted a unique way to present Hospitalia’s offerings, which led to the idea of a beauty menuzine, (part menu, part magazine) with all the latest trends relating to the services they provide.


The right creative solution for building a successful dermatology brand

The team developed the concept keeping in mind the brand’s personality and positioning. We also generated the content which was a perfect balance of trendy, chic, classy style and value-adding information. From the design, copywriting and photography to print, we ensured everything about the menuzine was aligned with the brand’s story, personality and ambition.

The Result

The result was a magnificent stack of elegantly produced menuzines which were very well received by the client and her clientele. “I love the result. Unisono did not only meet my expectations but actually exceeded them”, Yara kindly said. The produced menuzines were given to Hospitalia by Yara’s staff and top clients as gifts and were soon shared on social media, which in turn, garnered lots of lovely comments.

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