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Injaz. Brochure

Distinguished and delightfully illustrated real estate brochure for leading Saudi developer.

Posted by Mohammed Zubair

Unisono know how to interpret our requirements perfectly. They are our first choice, always.
Ali M Ali. Director of Marketing.

Design Challenge

Injaz wanted to be seen as a brand with a purpose. They felt they took a reasoned approach to their projects; as if they considered all angles and aspects of a project before developing the solution. They wanted this balanced approach to be represented in a corporate profile and creative brochure design.

Creative Solution

Our approach created a highly intriguing solution; half Arabic, half English and completely balanced. Each page is set in balance to it’s opposite page. The layout uses a square content shape with a border which is reversed on each side. The content pages are balanced with illustration pages which are also feature balanced subjects. History with innovation, local with global, people with profits.


Printed on high quality papers and uses lots of gold and embossing, the final result features a highly differentiated approach to brochure design married with a subtly beautiful finish.

Services delivered:

Print design, illustration.

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