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Cityscape. Rebrand

Award winning rebrand for Dubai real estate super brand

Posted by Liam Farrell.

You have opened our eyes to an entirely new way of seeing our company. I never new branding would have such an effect on our business.
Rohan Marwaha. CEO.


After rapid growth, the leadership of Cityscape Dubai sought to create a more focussed and considered brand. The brand suffered from a lack of cohesion and, due to a lack of brand guidelines, multiple faces, which created a poor image of the management of the company. The lack of standardisation also caused inefficiencies in communication and the production of the vast amount of marketing materials each show required.


We undertook a total brand development process with the leadership team whereby a new brand philosophy was devised which was more aligned to who they were now and empowered them to achieve their newly articulated vision (to help the world develop’). A new positioning of ‘the partner’ was written to help drive perception that the brand is a ‘business services platform’ and not simply a show.

A new identity was designed illustrating the rise of the city over a curving global scene set amidst a positive dawning back drop.

Each event now feature slightly different towers and landscape, set with national colours, giving the broad brand architecture great equity retaining capabilities. The vertical type marks conveyed the key notion that ‘ideas change cities’ and this design feature was applied through out key collaterals.


With the new tools, the internal marketing team have seen a sea change in efficiencies. Marketing initiatives that would take months and would typically suffer rounds of subjective changes can now be produced in weeks with a streamlined review process. The executive leadership have extended the new brand across to new segments and despite the down turn, the shows have increased participants and visitors.

Services delivered:

Brand strategy, identity and sub-brand design, collateral, editorial design, signage.

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