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Hao Chi. Identity

Imperial quality branding for this tasty new eatery in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Ahmad Taha

Chinese food tries to engage the mind, not just the palate. To provoke the intellect.
Nicole Mones

Background and brand context

Jubail Tourism Company is a firm which recently started trading in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The city of Jubail is an industrial city better known for its oil infrastructure than its high class restaurants or cafe culture. JTC wanted to change this by introducing a new culinary outlet serving Chinese food.

Creative and branding challenges our new Chinese restaurant brand faced

After initial market research into restaurant brands in the Eastern Province, we knew that finding a name that was without contention would be easy. The client preferred to have a name which was untypical of Chinese restaurants. To better understand this, we researched typical outlet names and soon realised that exotic or outlandish literary combinations were common – Heavenly Jade or Imperial Dragon for example – or they would use chef names – Yung Foo or Yang Hua for example.

Branding strategy

When Jubail Tourism Company approached the agency to work on its new Chinese restaurant brand, we had to understand a few things about the project. What was unique about this restaurant, what was the positioning of the brand and how was this going to be conveyed in the already commissioned interior design.

Hao Chi’s brand results

We are delighted that the brand has already been shortlisted for a Transform Branding award. The brand now has an identity and message which is uniquely able to convey its offering to its patrons. The new branding and identity has helped the restaurant to accurately position its offering as a premium restaurant offering authentic Chinese cuisine.

Services delivered:

Brand identity, brand strategy, Naming, design.

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