Unisono believes in brilliance. Your brilliance. Our work discovers the source of your brilliance so we can help you share it with your audience in delightfully compelling ways. Expressing your brilliance makes people want to get involved with your brand and that leads to amazing results.


Blog. Google’s dynamic logo – what are they putting in the google-plex water system and should we be drinking some?

Gulf Daily News popped into Unisono Tower recently and asked us to opine on the impact (or lack of it) of Google's dynamic branding, what it all means and who, if anyone, should take note?

Blog. How important is ‘design thinking’ in creating positive brand perception?

What difference does 'design thinking' make to the perception of your brand? Is there any positive benefit in investing in a good design or can you just 'wing it'?

Blog. A true vision for branding Bahrain

What is Bahrain? What makes this country tick? How can you encapsulate that in an image, in a slogan? Branding a country isn't easy, unless you take a strategic approach.

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