Unisono believes in brilliance. Your brilliance. Our work discovers the source of your brilliance so we can help you share it with your audience in delightfully compelling ways. Expressing your brilliance makes people want to get involved with your brand and that leads to amazing results.


Blog. Creative thinking for better business.

Creative thinking is essential to innovation and inventive ideas are the cornerstone of business growth; in this blog, read how you can optimise your thinking by tapping into your higher consciousness. It's easier than you think.

Blog. Signs, Signifiers and the Signified, Semiotics for dummies.

Notice things you have never noticed before as you understand semiotics and its role in communication.

Blog. Design deconstruction; what is it and how do you apply it

Learn the secrets of design deconstruction and how it can help you create better creative works.

Blog. Great design, advertising or marketing is easier with visual harmony

Unisono's team share insights on how it is so much easier to create great design, advertising or marketing communications when you consider the rules of visual harmony

Blog. When you evaluate your creative advertising agency what matters most, fees or creativity?

Selecting a creative advertising agency can be a tough job for a client so where should the client's evaluation weighting be highest, on the money or the creativity?

Blog. What defines strategic advertising campaigns and what can your brand expect from an agency?

Strategic advertising campaigns are the back bone of advertising agency work so what can you brand do to improve its campaign efficacy?

Blog. Is great print design still relevant and if so, how can you use it?

Why do brands and clients still bother with print? Isn't it all instagram posts and snap chatting these days? Unisono's creative director delves into the depths of this time old medium to discover why some brands still need great print design.

Blog. How to promote great communication in your multicultural team

Communication can be confusing in the Middle East, can't it? Unisono's Creative Director shares some useful ideas on how teams can communicate better... with each other in this Entrepreneur Middle East article!

Blog. Power brands enjoy the benefits of long lasting client agency relationships

Long lasting agency relationships can be a rare thing in the GCC but they are vital for power-brand performance. How come? And what lessons can we learn from successful client-agency relationships?

Blog. Brand values suck – don’t they?

Brand values are largely indistinct, interchangeable and unable to build defined cultures. So how do you agree the values that can help create a distinctive culture?

Blog. Do conceptual advertising campaigns produce greater sales and higher recall or not?

We think that conceptual adverts have better ROI, but is there any science behind this notion? Does making your customers think about your advert increase recall, impact and ultimately sales?

Blog. How to succeed in the creative industry.

Our friends from Sabaya magazine interviewed our restless Executive Creative Director Liam Farrell recently about Unisono, the creative industry and how our unique approach enables Unisono to win so many awards.

Blog. Brand design is all about feeling.

If brand strategy and design was boiled down to just one thing it would be 'feeling'. What is the right feeling you want customers to have when they experience your brand?

Blog. Daily Tribune interview on branding in Bahrain.

One of Bahrain's local English dailies popped by our offices for a quick catch up on all things branding and design related in the Kingdom - jolly nice it was too.

Blog. If you want your customers to believe in your brand you need to believe in something

If your brand wants to make real impact and create greater engagement, it needs to start communicating what it believes in before it starts talking about what it is selling.

Blog. Evolution of the branded species

Brands, like most things, have to compete to survive. It's a jungle out there and survival of the fittest ensures only those who adapt (or fit a need), survive.

Blog. Google’s dynamic logo – what are they putting in the google-plex water system and should we be drinking some?

Gulf Daily News popped into Unisono Tower recently and asked us to opine on the impact (or lack of it) of Google's dynamic branding, what it all means and who, if anyone, should take note?

Blog. How important is ‘design thinking’ in creating positive brand perception?

What difference does 'design thinking' make to the perception of your brand? Is there any positive benefit in investing in a good design or can you just 'wing it'?

Blog. A true vision for branding Bahrain

What is Bahrain? What makes this country tick? How can you encapsulate that in an image, in a slogan? Branding a country isn't easy, unless you take a strategic approach.

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