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Money Mo. Branding

Superfast, super cool, the money mo is on it's way

Posted by Liam Farrell

Having worked with Unisono previously, I knew working with them on our rebrand would be a sure fired success. They're experts whose strategic process leads directly to engaging, insightful creative work.
Rob Groombridge. CEO. Arab Link


Shortly after launching the Arab Link brand, Unisono were back to work with the firm in creating this highly identifiable money transfer brand to help the company carve out a sizeable chunk of the UAE remittance market. A hard fought sector where profits are generated on volume, not on margin, it is essential for the firm to stand out and stand proud.

Following the launch of the product we were invited back to help create Money Mo service cards to help the brand increase traction in the quick money transfer sector.


The team set about creating a strategic platform based on the key thought of ‘putting the emotion into money in motion’. We used the name MoneyMo to craft a niche in the local sector where names such as UAE Exchange and WallStreet Exchange were being used along with product brands such as  Xpress Money and MoneyGram.



We created an identity which could be easily identified as competing in the sector and which used a visual metaphor which was easily understood by the largely expat migrant worker market.


The resulting identity is highly original and clearly illustrates the service proposition while separating the product brand from all competitors. The use of the blue colour also helped link the product brand to the Arab Link parent brand as well as the ADIB mother brand.

Services delivered include:

Naming Strategy, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Web Design, Slogan, Print Design.

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