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The Palace. Rebrand

Arguably Bahrain's first boutique hotel is on it's way to creating quite a landmark for taste and style.

Posted by Mohammed Zubair

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity
Coco Chanel


The Palace Hotel needed a true boutique hotel branding and was a destination few frequented if they were looking for a higher class of experience or company for that matter. An institution in the north of Manama’s 338 district, the premises had been in need of a revamp for quite some time. With stunning new architecture and interiors underway the client needed.


The hotel’s new interiors and architectural solution gave us inspiration to take a minimalist, mid-century modernist approach to the identity. Applying rigorous restraint, we cut the new logo from Avant Garde, trimming superfluous elements where we could to create a simply elegant type mark. Supporting the new form was two additional graphic devices, a turned down colour mark, indicating the bed (the ultimate reason for using a hotel) and painterly mark, referencing the artistic nature of the interiors.


The hotel now has a unique and perfectly aligned identity as well as a design aesthetic which it is following across all it’s touch points. It’s new restaurant outlet is also similarly distinguished in design, helping to create an oasis of aesthetic beauty in this creative wilderness.

Services delivered:

Brand strategy and identity design, collateral, signage, uniform design.

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