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Bilaj Al Jazayer. Brand Dev

Beach life, it's the only life we know

Posted by Liam Farrell

This is exciting work. It's authentic, culturally-appropriate and visually arresting. It is great to see a highly collaborative and strategic process, one we have valued deeply, result in such quality work.
Nader Khalfan. Marketing Manager. Edamah.

Bilaj al Jazayer resort branding is our latest project for what is arguably the jewel in the crown of Edamah’s lifestyle property portfolio. Edamah is Bahrain’s Real Estate Investment Company and part of the sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


The beach has been an oft-visited yet rarely loved part of Bahrain’s weekends. Until now, local, expats and their tourist friends have visited its sands and have found it to be promising if lacking in realization. Until now. The location with its mile-long frontage has undergone a massive make over, bringing to life it’s potential and exciting the islanders with its clear aquamarine waters and clear sandy beaches.


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This is a brand which people are really appreciating. While it is early in the development of the Bilaj brand, judging by the numbers for the launch weekend, we are looking towards an exciting future.
Nader Khalfan. Marketing Manager. Edamah.

Challenges we faced working on the Bilaj al Jazayer resort branding

Bilaj Al Jazayer is a special project generating a great deal of attention. The location is arguably the cornerstone in a massive new regeneration project that stretches inland from the Gulf, past the Al Areen Wildlife Park, past the new conference center and as far as the F1 circuit and Bahrain University. While today Bilaj Al Jazayer is black with a few cool outlets and food trucks, upon its completion, Bilaj Al Jazayer will be Bahrain’s foremost landmark. On virtue of its ambitious goals alone, the beachfront will offer experiences that can’t be found anywhere in the country, or even the region. Vibrant art integration, beautiful exterior & environment planning, photogenic settings & the development of iconic architecture will create a unique and authentically Bahraini signature that will set Bilaj Al Jazayer apart from other destinations.

Our role was to bring this to life and provide the right identity tools and communication approaches to launch and begin the delivery of the promise this destination has to offer.

Bilaj al Jazayer resort branding, a strategic response

We had deep discussions with key members of the team and the historical narrative of the location was considered key to the identity as was the locations incredible sunsets. When considering the creation of culturally-centric brands in the Gulf, designers can often find themselves in territory saturated with pseudo Islamic forms. These would not feel aligned with the promise of the beach and so we looked to discover a visual language that would be appropriate to the brand yet also aligned to the culture of the nation. A graphic language that would resonate with our status as the only Arabian Island Nation and provide us with authentic tools with which to present our more whimsical and playful side – as befitting days on the beach and nights in the waterfront town which is soon to be established.

The visual form of the identity for our Bilaj al Jazayer resort branding is firmly located in the expression of the Dilmun arts. The craftsmen in our region’s Dimun or Telmun era expressed their culture in Sumerian forms which looked abstract yet figurative. Simple, naive and organic expressions which looked in isolation like beach wear from Mambo or the iconic artistry of Keith Haring. These forms had the right mix of historical authenticity, organic abstraction and spirited playfulness that were ideal for the expression of a beach resort branding needed for the Bilaj.

The brand had to wear two (sun) hats: by day the brand had to communicate ‘beach cool’ whilst by night, we had to also express ‘urban sophistication’. The beach would soon be backed up by a town which would be the epicenter of a new region – the Sunset Coast. To achieve this we created a color palette and type palette that would enable us to be fun, fruity and fresh by day and upmarket, sophisticated and cool by night.

The fifth element also utilises Dilmun and Summarian forms helping to create a full aesthetic that adds a touch of ethnic cool to anything it is applied to.

Juana by Latinotype was selected as the display typeface and Grotesco as face for all small type. This type palette shared quirky yet craft-like aesthetics coupled with cleanly drawn lines which were ideally suited to the purpose of communicating both the daytime and nighttime brands.

Bilaj al Jazayer resort branding, the results shine

Much to the public’s appreciation, the newly upgraded and redeveloped beach was officially re-opened in November 2021. The beach resort branding has helped to create a destination from a location and set the entire area on course for a brighter future. As well as the appreciative beach-going public, the project has also received glowing feedback from  Edamah’s Board of Directors and Management

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