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Adara. Branding

A contemporary, intelligent and educational brand with a subtle feminine essence.

Posted by Hajer Ghareeb

If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.
Wanda Sykes

Adara, the new beauty training center

Adara is the first beauty training center in Bahrain to offer international certifications in beauty & wellness. Discover the story behind the training center and find out more about how we brought this brand to life. Adara’s vision is to turn passions into successful careers. With their expertise and support, their students will able to achieve their ambition and create a professional future that can truly fulfill them.

Adara’s educational institution

Education is a growing area but not all careers are treated with the same level of respect. Many are passionate about cosmetology and beauty but don’t feel they are able to transform this passion into a career because of not receiving the support they need or feeling like they won’t be taken seriously. Additionally, businesses tend to hire internationally to get the expertise they need at a lower cost.

Bahrain’s first beauty training center, Adara helps solve these problems by cultivating local professionals at an international standard, empowering local talent and businesses to excel and succeed.

Challenges of an educational institution

Our project challenge was to create a beauty and aesthetics school brand in Bahrain with high quality and high standards. Additional courses are planned to be added in the future, including esthetics, perfumery and nutrition, which will help solidify the brand’s position in the space of health and wellness.

Strategic guidance helped Adara discover its true brand brilliance

From day one, we understood the client’s vision and ambition for the brand. Working closely with the client, we helped Adara find and express its true self.

Our research and clear strategic direction helped deliver a brand that sets a new standard in its field and projects credibility and professionalism.

Adara’s successful new brand identity

Adara’s essence and strategy are translated into a simple yet bold solution, inspired by the brand’s values: passion, learning and professionalism. Coupled with a carefully selected typeface and colour palette, this gives Adara a clinical yet refreshing look.

Through these elements, Adara is now presented as a professional training center that empowers local talent to fulfill their career goals.

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