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Bank Muscat. Rebrand

A 'better everyday' brand promise is being fulfilled with this sophisticated rebrand of Oman's leading bank.

Posted by Ahmad Taha

Good banking is produced not by good laws, but by good bankers.
Hartley Withers.

Project overview

The Bank Muscat rebrand is one of those projects we dream of at Unisono so imagine our delight when out of the blue we receive a call from their team requesting a proposal to work with them. The bank had undergone significant growth in recent years and now needed a brand identity that fully reflected who they were and the challenges they faced in dealing with such a spurt in growth.

Challenges we faced in Bank Muscat rebrand

The existing brand used old fashioned bevelling and embossing as well as very hackneyed islamic patterns which were used by every other brand in the market. To stay relevant, we had to find a new voice for the brand that would bring it into the modern era with out losing its essential nature.

Our strategic approach and creative solution

To achieve a clear and engaging migration, we presented a few case studies in brand evolution from other sector leaders and brand ambassadors from outside of the sector. This helped to set a frame work we could use to navigate through all the potential outcomes for the identity and help the bank to see how it could evolve into a truly international brand. We proposed that a bank like Bank Muscat could become a symbol only brand within its marketing, this set the frame work from the future identity development.

Bank Muscat rebrand results

The Bank Muscat rebrand has eventuated into a sympathetic evolution; the core equity of the bank has been retained yet the overall feel of the brand has been projected firmly into the contemporary financial services space. The visual devices echo the brand mark and the curvaceous iconic form that has represented the brand over the last few decades has been represented though out the graphic language and typographic form. The emotion of the brand has been carried though the photographic brief which can now breath in the new, more spacious and purposeful layouts.

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Services delivered:

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