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Awards & Recognition

A tasty cherry on top of a very nice cake.

Posted by Amy Morgan.

We love awards at Unisono. Not just because they are the industry’s way of recognising brilliance, but mostly for the shot in the arm they give the agency and it’s team. Awards tell you that you’re doing good and you peers are noticing, and by the way, that always feels nice.

Awards 2018

Gold. Karma. ‘Best use of Packaging’
Silver. Derma One. ‘Best Best Brand Identity (Healthcare)’
Bronze. BIW. ‘Best Brand Identity (Industrial)’
Bronze. Inovest. ‘Best Brand Identity (Financial Services)’.
Bronze. GFH. ‘Best Brand consolidation’.

Rebrand. Fontana Infinity. Distinction
Rebrand. Al Noor. Merit
Rebrand. BIW. Merit
Rebrand. Inovest. Merit

IVIA. Visual Identity of the Year. Al Nooh
IVIA. Gold. Manufacturing. Al Nooh
IVIA. Bronze. Healthcare. DermaOne
IVIA. Silver. Financial Services. Inovest

Awards 2017

EO Global 2017 Unisono for EO BahrainBest External Awareness for the 2017 Marketing and Communications Awards

Gold. Al Nooh ‘Best brand architecture’
Gold. El Mercado‘Best use of copy style/tone of voice’
Gold. California Village In the ‘Best visual identity in the property sector’
Silver. Al Nooh‘ Best visual identity in the industrial and basic materials sector’
Silver. Fontana In the ‘Best visual identity in the property sector’
Silver. Hospitalia by Yara In the ‘Best visual identity in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector’
Bronze. Adcorp In the ‘Best visual identity in the financial services sector’
Bronze. Jubail Tourism Company (Hao Chi) In the ‘Best visual identity in the food and beverage sector’
Highly Commended. Al Reem In the ‘Best visual identity in the travel, leisure and tourism sector’
Highly Commended. Bahrain Life In the ‘Best visual identity in the charity/NGO/not for profit sector’

Awards 2016

Gold Best Rebrand of a Digital Property. Malja (Red Bull).
Gold Best Identity from the Professional Services Sector. Qudrat.
Gold. Best use of Typography Harbour Row (GFH Real Estate).
Silver. Best Financial Services brand Premo (MAF Finance).
Silver. Best Identity Property Sector Harbour Row (GFH Real Estate).
Silver. Best Naming Strategy Arkad.
Silver. Best Visual Identity from the Industrial and Basic Materials Sector Arkad.
Bronze. Best Rebrand of a Digital Property Premo (MAF Finance).
Highly Commended. Best Place or Nation Brand Harbour Row (GFH Real Estate).
Highly Commended. Best Creative Strategy Arkad.
Highly Commended. Best Naming Strategy Premo (MAF Finance).
Highly Commended. Best Rebrand of a Digital Property EO.

Rebrand 2016. Distinction. Enerji.
Rebrand 2016. Merit. GFH.

Design and Design. GFH Annual Report.
Design and Design. Book Bahrain International Garden Show.

Awards 2015

Gold. Best use of a visual property Gold Batelco
Gold. Brand brand identity Telecoms Batelco
Gold. Best overall brand identity Batelco
Silver. Best implementation of a brand development project Silver Batelco
Silver. Best brand development project to reflect changed mission/ values/ positioning GFH
Silver. Best use of copy style/tone of voice Rukn
Silver. Best visual identity from the technology, media & telecommunications sector Rukn
Silver. Best visual identity from the professional services sector Streetlight
Bronze. Best visual identity from the energy & extractives sector Enerji
Bronze. Best brand architecture solution GFH
Bronze. Best visual identity from the financial services sector GFH
Highly Commended. Best creative strategy GFH
Highly Commended. Best brand evolution Highly Commended Batelco

Design and Design. Corporate Profile, GFH.
Design and Design. Collateral, Unisono.

Awards 2014

Gold. Seef Mall, Bahrain.
Silver. Arab Link, UAE.
Silver. Amlak, Bahrain.
Bronze. Dilmunia, Bahrain.
Highly Commended. Al Wa’ab City, Doha.

Transform Euro
Silver. Al Wa’ab City, Doha.

Awards 2013

Design and Design October Note Book, Unisono.
Rebrand. Distinction. Arab Link, UAE.
Rebrand. Distinction. Al Wa’ab City, Doha.
Telecoms Middle East Best Brand VIVA Bahrain.

Awards 2012

Rebrand. Distinction Naseej Properties.
Rebrand. Merit Cityscape.

Awards 2011

Rebrand. Merit BFC.

Awards 2008

World Logo Design Association. Best of Nation. BNI.
Banker Middle East 100. Best Islamic-Backed Finance Brand. Ijara (KFH).
Middle East Real Estate Awards. Best Industrial Real Estate Brand. Majaal (First Bahrain).

Books & Blogs

Design and Design Annual 2013
Design and Design Annual 2014
Design and Design Annual 2015
LogoTalk 3
Brand New. Qudrat
Brand New. GFH
Brand New. Arablink
Brand New. Seef Mall

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So much metal, so few places to store it all.

Awards are like the industry's way of saying "well done, you climbed to the top of the stack for a moment of ephemeral glory"
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