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Unisono. Notebooks

Design & Design Award winning note books from the team at Unisono.

Posted by Liam Farrell.

It doesn't have to be christmas or a girls party to use lashings of pink foil!

Award winning stuff is what we do at Unisono when we’re not busy making our clients look gorgeous and brilliantly designed, we are also hard at work on our own collateral and things that make you go ‘ooh’. Like these pink and purple and damned fine notebooks. Yum-oh! These brilliantly pink and resolutely foily note books won a Design & Design award in 2013.

Why a purple notebook? Well, its the colour of our agency and it has always been associated with royalty, with the clergy and the highest echelons of power and authority. In antiquity, the colour purple was the hardest to make and so became the colour of leaders, the powerful and the change makers. The phrase “to wear the purple” was coined to announce a persons attainment of the highest office of power.

Want one?

If you would like one of these highly desirable notebooks, pop by and visit us and ask us nicely and we will let you have one, fresh from the packaging and full of foily goodness!

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